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01 – How To Design Church as a Rocking Organization


In a healthy organization, everything is built upon a clear understanding of identity and purpose.

Stick with me here. I know that mission, vision, values, and strategy are common terms to most churches.

What’s uncommon is a useful understanding and application of them to the everyday life of the church.

Not how it used to be

When I started out in ministry I gave no conscious thought to the organizational side of church. I don’t recall anyone talking about it either. We just took it for granted.

Our organizational practices were so normalized we just figured they were the right way to do things.

Times have changed. As our world has grown more complex, organizations have become more sophisticated.

Churches have adjusted to keep pace. Or, at least some have.

Most of those that have not are in decline.

Let’s revisit the foundational questions

How well these questions are answered will determine whether the organizational life of your church is built upon rock or sand. They are the starting point of clarity.

You want to create compellingly simple and inspiring answers to four questions.
1. Why do we exist? (mission)
2. What unites our efforts? (vision)
3. What motivates our behaviors? (values)
4. How will we succeed? (strategy)

The goal is to base everything you do in ministry on these fundamental premises.

The CORE of the organization

A well-stated, accurate self-understanding positions you for the best possible influence in your ministry world.

It is the core – the heart and soul – of an effective church.

It is the primary factor for people buying in and it sets the direction for everything the church will do.

I know, it takes some focused concentration to achieve this.


This is what people who are shopping for a church want to know about you. How easy or difficult is it for them to get a trustworthy understanding of what you are all about?

This is not image making, trying to create a good impression that masks reality. It’s your DNA, those features that identify the real you at your best.

When you can clearly state who you are and what you do, you will attract the people who are the best candidates to give and receive ministry in your church.

Bottom line

The more focused your self-understanding the more powerful it becomes.

Question: Does your church have compellingly simple and inspiring answers to the four foundational questions?

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