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03 – How to Design Church as a Rocking Organization


By its nature, vision is forward looking. It sees a potential future that captures the soul of the people. Vision is a unifying force that allows a large number of people to pull in a singular direction.

Imagining tomorrow

I love the story of the dedication of EPCOT at Disney World sometime after the death of Walt Disney. A visitor lamented, “It’s too bad Walt isn’t alive to see this”. An EPCOT employee responded, “he did see it. That’s why its here.”

(Disney’s original vision for E.P.C.O.T. starts at 5:12 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9M3pKsrcc8)

What unites our efforts?

That is the question that drives every effective VISION statement.

A great vision is transformational because it changes the people who work toward it even as it changes the future itself. People get on board with something they believe in so strongly they are motivated to help make it reality.

Good leadership brings people along in their own spiritual growth as they strive toward the fulfillment of a shared vision.

The big five in perspective

Vision does not stand alone.

In organizational terms, vision flows down from mission (why do we exist?). Vision is what the church actually does to fulfill its reason for being.

There are 5 key components to a healthy organization:
• the core (mission, vision, values, and strategy)
• the framework
• the systems
• the ministry team
• and the BTRN (Big Thing Right Now).

Vision lives in the core – the soul – of the organization. It drives action. Everything you do in ministry should relate to a clearly stated vision.

Seeing reality before it exists

Vision can and should be multi-dimensional to specifically address each of the major categories of ministry. The goal is to create a mental picture of what these ministries could accomplish that excites people to action and brings glory to God.

Timberline Church of Fort Collins, CO is a good example of a church that uses vision to define ministry functions: http://www.timberlinechurch.org/peaks

Question: can you clearly state what unites your efforts as a church?

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