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06 – How to Design Church as a Rocking Organization


The organizational framework of your church can either enhance or destroy morale. Designed well, it will build people up. Designed poorly, it will tear people down.


More than the core

In recent previous posts I talked about the four questions that help you design your organizational core. Now we move on to the framework, another of the 5 key organizational components. Think of it as designing a building.

Buildings consist of a foundation with a structure that sits atop it.

The organizational core (mission, vision, values, and strategy) is the foundation on which everything rests and the framework is the actual structure.

What exactly is an organizational framework?

The framework is designed to facilitate the functions that will take place. For example, a typical house has a kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, and other areas where specific activities occur.

Imagine the chaos and discomfort of having all family activities randomly happening in one large open space. That’s how a church without defined ministry functions, roles, and responsibilities feels to its members.

Ideally, you want just enough separation of activities to help manage and make sense of them all.

Critical question

Can you answer this: What are our ministry functions, roles, and responsibilities?

Church leaders need to realize that the people who make ministry happen in your church want clarity regarding these issues.

In upcoming posts we will break it down into three important questions that drive the design of your ministry framework.
1. What ministries do we offer? (functions)
2. Who does what? (roles and responsibilities)
3. How are decisions made? (governance)

Unlike the core, the framework needs to have some degree of adaptability as ministry functions adjust to evolving needs.

Organizational renovation

You may already have an organizational framework but you know it’s time for a makeover. Over time frameworks get outdated. As in a building, walls get moved and spaces change in size and purpose.

You will want to focus on the above questions and make sure your answers coordinate well with your organizational core.

Bottom line

For the sake of your ministry team do your best to understand these concepts and answer the questions. For your own sake, please know that this is how you facilitate the accomplishment of God-sized ambitions.

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