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10 – How to Design Church as a Rocking Organization


Dreams without processes are unlikely to succeed.

Many church leaders have a great vision but they fail in the execution of their vision because their church lacks healthy and mature systems to accomplish what they believe God wants them to do.

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The word systems is one of the current buzzwords in the church world, and for good reason. We are awakening to the necessity and power of well-designed and well-executed systems.

“Your systems are perfectly designed to get the results you are getting” – Edward Deming.

(Deming is an icon. He is the American professor credited with architecting the almost miraculous economic recovery in Japan following WWII.)

Unfortunately, his oft-quoted statement above is usually not intended as a compliment.

Question of the day

What are our processes for getting things done?

Systems are repeatable processes to accomplish specific objectives. They consist of multiple elements that are necessary for the smooth operation of any organization.

Systems are identifiable.

• can be named
• can be associated with a specific purpose
• can be broken down into individual actions
• can be organized into a sequential process
• and can be seen as a part of a larger system.

Don’t miss this

Systems directly affect the attitudes and behaviors of those you lead as well as the outcomes of your efforts.

Here’s why.

According to Tony Morgan, healthy church systems produce the following benefits.

1. Healthy church systems empower your people to do ministry without always having to get permission.
2. Healthy church systems mobilize many people rather than leaning on a select handful of talented individuals.
3. Healthy church systems simplify the path, making it easier for people to get things done.

Sustainable momentum

Established processes and procedures are not optional; they are a must. Without adequate processes, constant frustration will result because everything will require the attention of the leader.

People will keep coming to the leader for every decision since established procedures and empowering processes are missing.

Most pastors are gifted communicators that can inspire people to action. They can create momentum with their words. However, inspiration must be supported by organizational infrastructure to enable and facilitate action.

Momentum is not sustainable without healthy systems in place.

Bottom line

Well-designed systems are some of the greatest gifts you can give to your ministry team.

Question: have you experienced the difference a good system can make in getting the work done?

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