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12 – How to Design Church as a Rocking Organization


What is the one thing your ministry team should be working on together right now?

Want to move your church forward, energize your ministry leaders, and provide a catalyst for health and growth?

Find the single most important church-wide priority and focus your leadership team on a specific goal.

Unifying Goal

A short-term unifying goal is the final piece of our 5 key organizational components.

Critical question: How do we sustain health and growth?

Please don’t miss the importance of this organizational component.

Over time, organizations tend to settle into a numb routine. In churches, ministries are performed habitually rather than with the zeal they once had. Things appear stable but they feel stale.

Leaders and participants alike are just going through the motions. We become vulnerable to mission drift (gradually getting off track). Indifference is tolerated. Leaders stop communicating honestly with each other about their concerns.

The freshness is gone!

What is missing is a short-term unifying goal that sustains health and growth – a BTRN – Big Thing Right Now.

The Big Thing Right Now (BTRN)

An effective BTRN involves the entire leadership team in attaining a much-needed improvement that typically is accomplished in a year or less.

A BTRN is that ONE thing. A singular focus. Not the top ten, five, or even three priorities.

“Find the single most important priority and focus exclusively on that one.” – Sam Geist QuickBites 05/20/14 http://www.samgeist.com

Where did this come from?

I unabashedly admit that the concept of a BTRN is built on the work of others.

(Namely the solid research of Patrick Lencioni (The Advantage, 2012) who calls it a Thematic Goal. Also Jim Collins & Jerry Porras (Built to Last, 1994) who popularized the term BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal). My BTRN is a hybrid of these two concepts.)

BTRNs are…
• THE top priority
• Designed with a clear finish line
• Compelling – people get it right away, it takes little explanation
• A goal not a statement
• Challenging – they take people outside of their comfort zone
• Bold, exciting, not dependent on 1 specific leader – the team owns it
• Completely consistent with your organizational core http://bit.ly/1FV8H6i

Some important benefits of BTRNs are:
• BTRN’s create momentum – overcome stagnation or the “we’ve arrived” syndrome.
• BTRN’s fuel team spirit – refocus people on achieving something great to honor God – together!
• BTRN’s restore the freshness.

A good BTRN is essential to achieving organizational cohesiveness.

Even your best people can get focused on their particular area(s) of ministry and unintentionally lose sight of the bigger picture or worse, become territorial.

Bottom line

A good BTRN will keep your ministry team working together and your church moving forward.

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