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Anticipatory Thinking


Anticipatory thinking helps us avoid dangers and see possibilities that others miss. As our anticipation sensors become more developed we acquire the rich benefits of forward thinking. This skill has become a critical factor for church leaders in designing churches that are relevant to our times.

“Our planet needs a church with vision and the church needs foresighted leaders”. – Dr. Jay Gary

In my view, so many churches are stuck in the past. They don’t know how to break free and thrive. They look at other churches that are flourishing and wonder if that could happen for them.

Yes, it can!

It begins with foresight.

Anyone can be forward thinking. It is neither a gift nor a personality type. It’s a choice. It’s a skill-set based on awareness. Leaders seek to hone these skills when they see value in exercising them.

Personally, I believe every leader owes it to his or her followers – as a good steward of corporate resources – to spend quality time thinking about what could happen in the future.

Foresight is a way of thinking that tunes into the external environment.

Forward thinking leaders have sharpened their ability to observe emerging trends and understand how they impact people’s experience with church.

It is equally true that good followers owe it to their leaders to develop foresight capabilities so there can be congruence rather than conflict about adapting to a changing environment.

Our world is changing. Some churches are dumping the status quo in favor of being relevant to their community.

Success for you is not to be found in mimicking someone else’s success. It will come from learning to see emerging opportunities in your own context and boldly embracing them.

How can foresight enhance church effectiveness?

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