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My Thing
I want to help church leaders apply the principles of organization design to church in today’s rapidly changing world. I would love to gather and lead a tribe of church leaders who are envisioning new and better ways of doing church and talk about how to create new church models. I call them modelers.

I have been a church leader for over 35 years, which is certainly not unique. The thing that sets me apart from many of my peers is my love for the organizational side of church.

I’m convinced that organization innovation is the most overlooked opportunity for churches to raise the bar in fulfilling their mission and impacting their community.

My Plan
This site isn’t very sophisticated…yet! It’s better to get started with something simple than delay until all the bells and whistles are developed. I feel certain my future followers will help me build a site that has value for us all.

I plan to post blogs 3 times a week. I have lots to talk about and I would love to read your feedback. Let’s get a conversation going.

If you know others who have an interest in organizational excellence for churches please share this link and invite them in.

My Story
Please check out my About page to learn more about me and what I bring to a conversation about redesigning church.

If this is for you please let me know.

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