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A Call for Forward-Thinking Church Modelers


People have always needed and wanted leaders who anticipate what is coming, prepare for it, and confidently execute well-laid plans. The church is no different.

In fact, the church can garner respect in its community by demonstrating bold forward-thinking leadership that addresses real needs right on time.

A need for people who get it

We all love the reference in the Bible to the “men of Issachar, who understood the times and knew what Israel should do” (1 Chron. 12:32).

What strikes me in this passage is the contrasts in the numbers and role of the Issachar delegation in relation to all the others. All twelve of the Israeli tribes were represented by “brave warriors armed for battle” that numbered from 3,000 to 120,000…

…except the tribe of Issachar!

This family sent just 200 men but they had outstanding value and influence because they were found to be the best thinkers.

They were strategists with a reputation for getting it right.

They provided the needed direction so the others could effectively use their skills to accomplish something remarkable.

We few. We happy few. We band of brothers. – Shakespeare

Church modelers don’t need to show up in large numbers but they are needed.

Without them there may be a lot of activity with little progress. Energy is wasted because it is not properly directed.

The workforce is frustrated. They show up wanting to make a difference; they sacrifice for the good of others but find themselves disengaged when the assigned tasks don’t make sense.

They long for leadership that can connect the dots of what is going on in the real world with meaningful ministry.

Eyes to see what others miss

The challenge for church modelers is to sort through the cacophony of distracting activity in the world and isolate the critical needs that are emerging.

These needs vary according to time and place. Solutions from a past decade in another location are unlikely to suffice.

A church modeler is only as good as his or her perceptions of their own environment.

For that reason there is a need for a global network of church modelers each of whom is discontent to simply mimic the successes of others.

Rather, each brings an ongoing commitment to monitor changing conditions and prayerfully seek fresh ministry approaches to make the church the head and not the tail of their society.

What emerging critical need do you see that the church could tackle?

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