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Master of Perspective


In many churches today conventional thinking about the functions of the church is skewed. Over the decades we have gotten off track.

To make matters worse, there is sometimes an arrogant and defensive posture that insists we already have it right. That there is no need to mess things up with crazy new-fangled ideas.

Many churches need a shift in perspective

In my opinion, a healthy perspective is hard to get and easy to lose. We get into trouble when we lose perspective.

One of the greatest gifts a person can give is the gift of words that create a transforming shift in perspective.

A successful church modeler will be a master of perspective – seeing what others have missed and communicating a compelling new viewpoint.

Is that not what Jesus did? He was THE master of perspective. He brought heaven’s perspective to earth. He spoke of old and familiar things in new and unexpected ways.

Companion designer

The biblical word for perspective is wisdom, which is seeing things through God’s eyes.

Speaking of God’s creation of our universe, Wisdom says, “I was the architect at his side.” (Proverbs 8:30)

There is an inherent inseparability between creativity and wisdom. Church modelers need a companion, an inner architect that knows the thoughts of God.

Call it Holy Spirit imparted wisdom – or call it perspective – that enables us to see through the eyes of God.

The main thing

My underlying premise is that the church belongs to Jesus.

Church modeling is not about glorifying human efforts but rather a passion to honor our Lord by designing church to be what he wants it to be.

Unfortunately, there is a vacuum – an unfilled need – for humble but aggressive modelers who are seeking to know God and His Word in new ways and then translating that knowledge into perspective changing new models of church.

Question: If Jesus were designing a church today, what would he want it to be?

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