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Creating New Church Models


Within every successful visionary or alongside him or her is a creative modeler. Dreams become reality when someone figures out how to make them possible. The modeler designs the systems that turn ideas into substance.

A bolder, more creative vision of church

President John F. Kennedy thrust the vision of putting a man on the moon into the American imagination but it was German-American rocket scientist Wernher von Braun who made it happen. He was a modeler.

Dreams and visions are only wishful thinking until there is a workable plan that inspires and guides.

My passion is to provide encouragement and tools for church modelers to excel in designing new ministry concepts. Concepts that reduce the amount of mimicry among churches while increasing the quality and quantity of freshly imagined ones.

The value of this is better ministries that are better suited for the time and place in which they exist.

What is modeling?

Modeling is both art and science. It’s always a creative process that emerges in an environment with inherent limitations.

Like any resourceful architect, the modeler will use limitations to inspire creativity that results in a unique design that perfectly fits its time and place. That’s the right-brain side of modeling – creative thinking, imaginative designing.

The left-brain side of modeling is more scientific, more like engineering than architecting. Its about the structures and systems that support the functions of the ministry. It has to do with how things work.

A call for church modelers

The modeler is a blend of architect and engineer that designs both how the ministry looks and how it works.

I suspect there are modelers sitting in many churches who are already imagining fresh, exciting, and more effective ways of doing church.

You may be one of them.

Please share this others who may have an interest in creating new church models.

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