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The Curiously Neglected Element


“Organization is the curiously neglected element…Regarding leadership, goals, and implementation there is a great deal of innovative thinking. The same is not true of organization. Most concern with organization is quite superficial.” – Robert Greenleaf

Well, well, well, it appears not much has changed since Greenleaf wrote those words 37 years ago in his book Servant Leadership. For whatever reason, leaders tend to ignore organization in their innovative thinking.

Organization doesn’t just happen

I am a student of organizations. They intrigue me. It is interesting to me how few church leaders seem to have an understanding of – or even an interest in – the inner-workings of the organization they are responsible to lead.

They remind me of the typical car operator who is afraid to open the hood and look inside because what they see makes no sense to them. They want it to work, that’s all. They don’t know and don’t care how it works.

Too often, church leaders make little to no investment in organization maintenance. So they run it into sub-optimal condition or until it completely breaks down. And then wonder what went wrong.

Thinking organizationally

I have been thinking about organizational excellence as it applies to churches. This blog is my attempt to dialogue with church leaders who are also thinking organizationally, or want to. In future posts I hope to provide some useful tools to help simplify organizational complexities and to encourage organization innovation.

Do you agree that “organization is the curiously neglected element” when it comes to church leadership?

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