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Dream Again! – Part 3


Dreams take on an elevated significance when they originate outside of us. The Bible has several stories about God giving people dreams that reveal something about the future. Church leaders with a God-imparted dream are making a difference in our world today, as they have in the past.


Personally, I’m frustrated with all the hype about “if you can dream it you can do it”. I have a pretty wild imagination and I can conjure up fresh off-the-wall possibilities on a daily basis but they get me nowhere.

It’s a connection to the divine that gives a dream depth of meaning.

I came to a point where my oft-repeated prayer was “please give me a God idea. I don’t want just another good idea. I have wasted too much time on too many of them. I don’t have the energy to endure another failure. I’m done! I’m going to wait until my soul is energized with a heavenly vision before trying again”.

Dream Giver
Daniel became the most valued advisor in King Nebuchadnezzar’s court because he recognized that somewhere beyond himself there was a “revealer of mysteries” who wanted the leader to know what was coming.

In one chilling episode the king ordered that all his wise men be executed for failing to tell him his dream. Somehow the king became convinced that their interpretation of his dream could not be trusted unless they could first reveal the actual dream.

Daniel requested an overnight reprieve. During the night God replayed the king’s dream to him. The next morning Daniel boldly declared “… there is a God in heaven who … has shown the king what will happen in the future.” (Daniel 2:27)

Granted this is an actual nocturnal vision-type dream but there are some lessons that apply to the kind of dreaming we are talking about.

1. Hit pause – sometimes our busy schedule crowds out our capacity to tune into God’s revelation. We need some undistracted time alone with God. Daniel recognized he needed time to properly prepare.

2. Ask – since none of us is capable of knowing the future we are dependent on receiving some revelation to ignite our imagination with what is possible. Daniel and his friends pleaded with God to show them the dream.

3. Be generous – this is not just validating your own ideas with a discussion-stifling “God told me…”. It is about truly wanting God’s best for others. Everyone’s life was spared because of Daniel’s courageous faith.

Why not check with God to see if he has a plan for the future of the church that he might reveal to you so you can help make it happen?

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