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Healthy Church = Healthy Organization


Are you hearing the cry to re-vision and revitalize existing churches? If you think American churches are in trouble you are correct. Over 80% self-report that they are plateaued or in decline. Some key church leaders are calling for a movement to turn this around.

Can it be done?

Church leaders and consultants believe the remedy is an increase in visionary leadership. I’m all for visionary leadership. However, I’d like to see more interest in the organizational part of church revitalization.

Vision has to be implemented to be worthwhile and there is no implementation without organization.

As defined by experts…

All organizations, including businesses, hospitals, and churches have four characteristics in common. *
1. They are social entities.
2. They are goal directed.
3. They are designed as deliberately structured and coordinated activity systems.
4. They are linked to the external environment.
(* Richard L. Daft, Organization Theory and Design, 2007)

How this looks for the church…

Church is about people. When we forget this, the church becomes a piece of machinery that keeps doing what it has always done.
Church is purpose driven. As opposed to tradition or program driven. We have a clear mission and we work toward shared goals to achieve it.
Church is designed to function as an agent of transformation. There is structure to define ministry functions and systems to coordinate ministry activities.
Church is affected by outside factors. Our strategies have to be adaptable. We live in a changing world that calls for responsiveness in how the church performs its ministries.

Good tools help us do good work

Organization is a tool we use to accomplish ministry. The overall health of the church reflects the degree to which we understand how healthy organizations work.

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