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Longing for Fulfillment


“Lord, let your creative life flow through me. Take me where I’ve never been before. Do a work of art in and through me. Release me to let the unique person in me express himself in worship to you. I don’t know what that would be – but you do. Stir up in me a passion that will allow me to give the very best of who I am to you”. (from my journal 4/12/05)


I’ve had ten birthdays since I put that prayer on paper. During this past decade I discovered I was in – and then recovered from – burnout, I completed a doctoral program, I went through a temporary career change, and I relocated to another state.

This was not at all the journey I had in mind back then. But somehow it has brought me to the destination I dreamed of.

God has put a longing in your heart. You may have trouble finding words to adequately express how you feel right now. But, deep in your soul you have a sense of destiny even if you lack a clear destination. That’s what the above prayer was about for me.

My Passion

Along the way, I have become convinced there is a need for new models of doing church that are relevant to our rapidly changing world. I am interested in innovative organization designs that flow from hearts that are fully committed to Christ.

I would love to engage in conversations with others who share this passion.
Are you one of those people?

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