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What I Think is Missing in Most Churches


I like the nuts and bolts of how organizations work. Weird, I know, but that’s how I’m wired. If you are like me, you are needed!

A lot of otherwise gifted church leaders need help with organizational challenges in order to achieve what God has called them to do.

My vision is to create a network of church leaders that see organizational excellence as the foundation of leadership success.

For example

If I were a mechanic I would want to work on high performance racecars or boats. I’d want to get my hands on the motor and the mechanical systems to make improvements that increase efficiency and performance. Then I would turn the hot machine over to a professional driver, join the spectators, and cheer him or her on to victory.

I don’t need to be in the driver’s seat, I just like to make it work better.

The neglected essential

You can’t drive a racecar without a motor and it’s tough to be an effective leader without a healthy organization to lead. Unfortunately, many church leaders forget that all organizations – including churches – consist of systems and structures that determine exactly how things work, for good or for bad.

There is a wealth of great books, conferences, and helps on church leadership. But, is it just me or is there a dearth of good stuff on the organizational side of church leadership?

Great leadership is the result of being intentional about leadership. Same with great ministries – they don’t just happen.

Why would we think the organizational aspects of the church would take care of themselves?

What the church needs

In my opinion it’s time for the church to develop expertise in organization design. We see signs that this is already happening. Churches that are on the forefront of organization excellence are thriving.

Most church leaders tend to view church organization as administration and/or management of people and programs. There seems to be little to no thought about organization design.

Would you agree?

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