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Your Best Opportunity to Up Your Leadership Game


Here’s a way to add rocket fuel to your church. Get your arms around the five key components of an organization.

They contain the potential to significantly increase your effectiveness as a leader and to improve the effectiveness of your church in your community.

Getting to above average

I live within easy driving distance of the Kennedy Space Center and Walt Disney World. I love spending time at those remarkable places. They are vastly different from each other but I see organizational similarities that have made them great.

They have mastered the basic organizational principles that create unforgettable experiences.

You can too. The principles are the same, just applied differently.

Would you like to know what your people want?

They want clarity about why, what, and how their church does ministry. They want to eliminate confusion and inconsistencies. They want to serve in a coherent and cohesive ministry environment based on a consistent message from the entire ministry team.

This is how you get there. Engage your ministry leaders in conversations about the five key organization components and what they look like for your church.

The Five Components

Here are the five key components and the questions that will help you create a coherent and cohesive ministry environment.

The core – who are we and what do we do?

The framework – what are the ministry roles, responsibilities, and functions?

The systems – what are our repeatable processes for getting things done?

The ministry team – who are the people that make things happen? How do we work together to turn the dream into reality?

The BTRN (Big-Thing-Right-Now) – how do we sustain unity, health and growth?

Just to be clear, perfection is not the goal.

If you already feel overwhelmed that may be because you haven’t thought much about some of these organization elements.

Don’t panic. Getting from where you are to organizational health is a process. Goal number one is clarity.

Bottom line

If you work with your team to gain understanding of these five components and to answer the critical questions with compellingly simple and inspiring statements you will be amazed at the results.

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