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Redesigning Church


The church of the future will look different from what it is today. Its effectiveness in fulfilling the Great Commission may increase exponentially as a global network of connected leaders take the challenge by storm. The challenge is to create ministries more in tune with the needs of our times.

The old and the new

I’m not a big fan of the status quo when it comes to church. Going through the motions of religious obligations just doesn’t work for me. I like church to be fresh, full of life, real, relevant, and life changing.

I understand the value of traditions. Traditions help connect us to the past. That’s good. We need roots. We need a trustworthy foundation to build on.

But when religious tradition dominates, we just end up reliving someone else’s experience or trying to satisfy someone else’s expectations. Church should be more about connecting with Jesus in my present set of circumstances than connecting with my ancestor’s history.

Release and equip

I see a generation arising that is not content with the old ways of doing church. They are bright, passionate, creative, and in search of something they can believe in. They possess the potential to ignite a spiritual revival that will once again turn the world upside down.

This is not the time to tell them what to do but rather to provide some useful tools and helpful processes for designing new models of church.

In upcoming blogs we will talk about solid principles of organizational design that can be applied to church. May the best hearts and minds grasp these concepts and lead us into a future that is as bright as the promises of God.


How can older generation leaders (like me) help younger generation leaders find their wings?

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