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If I Were Running for Office


With elections just around the corner and political ads taking over the airwaves, I had a crazy thought. What if a candidate used organization innovation as a platform?

The Florida governor’s race is the most negative campaign I have ever seen. Unbelievable mudslinging! On both sides! Completely unproductive.

I have no intention of ever running for a political office BUT, if I did…I would talk about creating a new model of government based on sound historic core values AND revamping outdated organizational practices that hinder effective service to constituents.

My message

Rather than criticize my opponents I would put my efforts into articulating my view of the driving mission behind government. Something like “of the people, by the people, for the people”. And explain what that should look like in today’s world.

I would carefully craft my vision for government functioning as a highly effective and efficient servant of the community.

I would focus heavily on a handful of core values – historically validated values – that I own personally. These are the things that will not change.

Then, I would outline my strategy for accomplishing these things.

These items (mission, vision, core values, and strategy) are the core of a good organization. They are foundational. And to have meaning, everything else must be in alignment with them.

Once the core is established, organization innovation can be applied to the structures and systems that make the organization work.

When was the last time you heard a political candidate mention any of these things?

An organizational solution

I am convinced that fixing the organization can solve and pre-empt a lot of problems.

Like many church leaders, some government leaders have no knowledge of what makes an organization healthy and effective.

That makes my point. While organization is not the whole or the essence of church, it is an important factor that can assist or obstruct us in serving those Jesus sent us to serve.

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