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Why Do Visions Fail?


Many church leaders have a great vision but fail in the execution of their vision. Why? Because their church lacks healthy and mature systems to accomplish what they believe God wants them to do.

Dreams without processes are unlikely to succeed.

It’s about making things happen

When we were living in Ohio we purchased a home with 2 acres of lawn. Beautiful, but a lot of work in the summer.

It was wearing me out. I needed a plan, a repeatable process.

We owned a riding lawn mower, a push mower, and a weed eater. At the time, three of our children were old enough to use power equipment and had time to spare.

So, we divided up the work.

Each of the kids was responsible for a third of the lawn. They could use the riding mower. I kept the equipment serviced. And I used the push mower and weed eater to trim the edges. If anyone waited until the grass was too long, they also had to rake up the piles of cut grass.

The process worked quite well because we all knew exactly what we were expected to do and when.

Systems are repeatable processes to accomplish specific objectives.

• Systems consist of multiple elements that interact with one another. All are necessary for the smooth operation of any organization.

• Systems are identifiable. They can be named, associated with a specific purpose, broken down into components, organized into a sequential process, and seen as a part of a larger system.

Don’t miss this: systems directly affect the attitudes and behaviors of those you lead as well as the quality of their work.

Essential for building momentum

Established processes and procedures are not optional; they are a must.

Without them you will experience constant frustration because everything requires your attention. People will keep coming to you for every decision since established procedures and empowering processes are missing.

Most pastors are gifted communicators that can inspire people to action. They motivate others with their words.

However, inspiration has a short shelf life. Motivation supported by adequate processes enables and facilitates dream-fulfilling action.

Bottom Line

Momentum is not sustainable without healthy systems in place.

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