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Top 2 Things People Want In Their Leaders


Clarity and confidence.

I believe those two things will energize your people to move mountains.

Clarity about why, what, and how you are doing ministry.

Confidence from knowing your sweet spot in leadership.

Not too much, not too little

One thing about me that drives Joan crazy is my love of precision in language. If she sends me to the store I like to know the exact brand, size, and location of the items she wants.

That’s a slight exaggeration but if she is too general in her description I often get it wrong. Then we’re both frustrated.

Life and ministry move too fast to complicate them more with excessive detail.

However, there are some basic organization pieces that require us to slow down, think carefully, and articulate clearly if we want to up our game.

Words matter!

Clarity is your best friend

Clarity about organizational purpose, values, priorities, and processes is one of the most powerful leadership tools available and yet seems to be a rare gem among churches.

For all the talk about things like mission, vision, and values, useful application of them seems frustratingly illusive.

If it’s any comfort, it’s not just a church problem; lack of clarity is common in all types of organizations, including businesses.

Patrick Lencioni nails this issue in his excellent book The Advantage: Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else in Business. He hails clarity as THE key to organizational health. I agree.

Clarity is essential for:
• alignment of organizational practices
• cohesiveness among the leadership team, and
• eliminating confusion and turf wars.

Organizational clarity is your best opportunity to improve ministry effectiveness.

Behind most of the churches that are successful today you will find clarity about the five key organization components (more about them in my next post).

Confidence follows personal clarity

I sat with some bright young church leaders to discuss organization effectiveness and was intrigued with their common motivation. The thing they most wanted was to achieve confidence in their own leadership.

They made the connection between organizational clarity and finding their sweet spot in leadership.

Confidence comes from seeing how what you do best as a leader contributes to the fulfillment of the ministry dream. When the dream is clear it’s easier to find your place in it.

Bottom line

There are two great benefits of organization health.
• You gain clarity about what should be happening in your church.
• As a leader, you experience a new level of confidence that comes from knowing where you fit in the big picture.

Question: How clear are you about the why, what, and how of ministry in your church?

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